33 Health and Wellness Business Ideas to Start in 2023


If you do choose to build a small business and you’re the sole proprietor or you have a business partner, we have some bonus suggestions. Find something that’s in high demand and be grateful for everything that you experience in the early days of business. If you enjoy this type of business, you may want to think about a monthly membership, a podcast, or building a community where you share self-care tips. When it comes to organization services, you can spin up a business like Marie Kondo or you can even offer services to provide guidance and organization tips. Some individuals like homes to be re-arranged, re-decorated, and renovated on a budget.


wave accounting therapists offer much-needed services to communities and clientele. If you are looking for a new career or want to increase your income while delivering an important service, then starting a new massage therapist business can be an excellent choice. TeamFFLEX is my online personal training platform that coaches athletes, Hollywood actors, professional musicians and everyday people all around the world. Starting with literally 0 dollars and a hell of a lot of drive I successfully built my business into the 6 figures in less than a year. Today, TeamFFLEX LLC does $48,000 a month and is growing continually month after month.

Start a health and wellness retreat

Meditation and yoga have become increasingly popular in recent years as people strive to improve their physical and mental well-being. In this article, we will take a closer look at what meditation and yoga instruction is, and why it would make a profitable business idea. Eating a nutritious diet is essential for overall health and wellness, and these services can help individuals make healthy food choices and maintain a balanced diet. If you’re a personal chef, or you are just interested in making healthy meals, this could be ideal. You can create meal plans, own a food truck with healthy options, or curate new gluten-free food products. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 10+ self care business ideas to help you get started.

That way, you actually make money out of your blogging efforts. If you start a pet sitting business, be sure to have some experience with dogs, cats, and other household pets. You can pull in clients by telling them you’ll take care of their pets during their dates or weekend trips. Since 2015, the growth rate for vending machine businesses has increased 1.4%.

Take advantage of all the remote networking opportunities you can. Writing about it was equally as big, and I used my social profiles to get extremely vulnerable and open, more so than I’ve ever done before. Shama Hyder is CEO of Zen Media, a b2b PR and marketing firm. An artisan chocolate company based in Harlem, Harlem Chocolate Factory aims to highlight the cultural importance of Harlem through its offerings.

Medical Billing and Coding

If you like the concept, but aren’t a fan of the actual business, you might want to consider a dropshipping partnership. This way you get to focus on specific aspects of the business you enjoy instead. Near the final stages of planning, you’ll better understand how much money you need to make your business a full-time job.


Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, has written about his use of guided meditation through apps in several articles and tweets. Mindfulness is learning to pay attention to your moment-to-moment experiences and focus on connecting with others on a deeper level — all of which are important to your well-being and happiness. Finally, Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is well known for his skills at playing the ukulele. Doing something fun gives your mind a much-needed break, so you’ll be more creative and energized when it’s time to focus on work. To keep pace with the latest digital trends, you have to keep up with the times.

Set up an office.

You will focus on administrative efficiency, legal compliance, work environment, and procedural flow to help healthcare organizations thrive. An author writes books and articles intended to be published and sold to readers. To become a professional author, you must have earned at least a degree or have extensive experience in your area of expertise. Training helps you acquire the technical skills for writing relevant information on different topics.

The Border Zone Between bvFTD and Primary Psychiatric Disorders – Psychiatric Times

The Border Zone Between bvFTD and Primary Psychiatric Disorders.

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 15:01:41 GMT [source]

You will need a good marketing plan to find your clients, who are mostly high net worth individuals or busy professionals and their families. So if you’re ready to make money while doing something you love, start promoting your skills. First, you need to understand the basics of starting a hospice business, from licensing and insurance to staffing.

Wellness Coach

Before you start your assisted living business, it’s important for you to assess the competitive landscape and determine the services that you will offer. You’ll need to comply with the zoning and licensing requirements. It’s also a good idea to study the possible legal issues, hire the right people, and decide which amenities to provide. Most assisted living facilities have gardens, a library, entertainment and a doctor on call.

mindbody Data Scientist II in Remote – United States – Fitt – Fitt.co

mindbody Data Scientist II in Remote – United States – Fitt.

Posted: Sun, 23 Apr 2023 22:57:15 GMT [source]

As long as there’s a desire for a family pet, the need for dog training is always present. One way to set yourself apart in this area is to offer mobile and home training. With a mobile service, you can help train animals in the home setting as well as help train them in social settings like dog parks.

How to Start a Business: A Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs [Template]

For one thing, you’ll need a reliable medical transport van outfitted with the requisite lift and safety features. You’ll need to acquire the relevant healthcare provider licenses and permits as well as insurance, and be certified by either Medicare or Medicaid. Finally, once that’s all done, you’ll just have to determine which services you’ll offer and start marketing your business online, at local hospitals and retirement communities. Do you have strong hands and a knack for helping people relax? If so, you might think about starting your own mobile massage business, making house calls to reduce people’s stress and anxiety during these tense times.

But, for startup business owners and small business owners, socialization with the outside world can be one of the perfect self-care tips. It helps you maintain a clear boundary between your personal life and business. The most important thing here is that you take time to do things outside your business scope.

An option is to set up a mobile methadone clinic and deliver methadone treatment to marginalized populations in rural communities. IV hydration is a type of intravenous therapy that quickly delivers additional fluids and nutrients into the body. The process is simple and offers a variety of benefits, from slowing the heart rate and reducing anxiety to boosting immunity, curbing headaches and strengthening overall health. Improving your habits can significantly enhance your success. When you are a high-performing Chief Diversity Officer, you lead a center of excellence that improves company results with talent and customers by reducing bias and generating opportunity.

Young entrepreneurs pitch to Raymond James execs – St Pete Catalyst

Young entrepreneurs pitch to Raymond James execs.

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As a resume writer, you can help job applicants’ resumes stand out from their competition. Some states require landscapers, especially those using pesticides, to have a license. Check your state’s requirements to help you determine if you need to obtain a license for your business’s services. Before you can start, make sure you meet licensing requirements and secure federal certification for your treatment program.

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